Thursday, 10 March 2016

Married Harmony Blanket.

Technically this is not really a blanket sized blanket! Almost, but not quite. :-) It started out as Lucy's Attic24 Harmony Blanket but then I got a bit bored with the same Granny Square design repeated through all 126 squares so I decided to crochet another 8 different designs ( 14 sets of 9 squares ). I wanted the blanket to be representational, in the tradition of old world crafts, and not just beautiful. I chose vibrant colours and different designs for the squares, to represent the wild and complex aspects of Marriage. I joined the squares with a lovely misty grey, to reflect all the grey areas within all relationships. Because let's face it...nothing is ever entirely black and white when it comes to relating to one another, right?

Then I finished off with a rosebud border. A bud, to represent a young marriage, and the potential therein, and roses to remind ourselves that marriage is a bed of roses, thorns and all where we learn about the true meaning of love through tolerance and acceptance.

This blanket was made with love in every stitch for my middle son and new daughter-in-law who were married in October 2015. I didn't feel too bad about taking so long to finish "their" blanket seeing as I did make their all-vegan cupcake wedding cake! :D

Also, it's been a sweltering summer here too. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them ( erm, let's not mention all the side projects ). Thus comes to an end the Married Harmony blanket journey. And, as is usual I think, there is always a bit of sadness letting go? Our creations are like little babies, all grown up, and set off into the world. Sigh.

But, here's to new beginnings. And there are always plenty of those, if you're hooky mad, like me!
Wishing you all many happy goodbyes to much-loved projects and even happier hellos to all the new ones just waiting to be crocheted into being.

Love, always.

Ps: I did want to mention that I used a 4mm hook and  Elle Pure Gold DK, and Elle Family Knit DK throughout. They are both good quality 100% acrylic yarns and come in lots of lovely colours.