Monday, 5 November 2018

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday, Yarnarinnas!

It's been a deliciously wet and cool weekend here in Cape Town! Perfect crochet weather right? Augusta always gets a little moody and likes to sit on our bed gazing out at the rain. I watched her for ages while she sat like this. Funny Cat. :-)

I did spend some of my weekend crochet time helping to install another water tank and adjust gutters to make sure water actually flows into the tank! Not always a given when your house is 116 years old! There are very few exact straight lines!😃

What a joy to hear rain pour into the tank! Music to my ears and insurance for my Summer garden and it's survival into our rainy Winter season. Yes, we are a teensy bit obsessed with water here seeing as our City came precariously close to running out of water last Summer due to the ongoing drought! I'm sure Capetonians will never, ever take their water for granted. A lesson well learned in conserving this precious resource.

HOWEVER, I made the most of all the minutes in between and can finally see the end approaching the Fynbos-Protea extension. I'm starting to get excited...although I keep talking myself down because in reality there is still quite a lot to do before my Tadaaa moment. Mind you, it's not big ( like Karoo Vintage! ) but there is A LOT  going on. Also, seeing as it's very BoHo/Folk looking ( my favourite look ) a name change was in order " The FynBos BoHo Throw "!

For those of you Lovelies who already have the pattern for the FynBos Cushion Block...don't panic! The extension is included in your original purchase price and will be added to the existing File ( I will send out an Update ).

Here's a teeny sneak peek...I don't want to give too much away or it won't be a surprise! 😄 XXX

Thursday, 11 October 2018

From Cushion to Throw!

Hello, Lovelies! I hope you are all well in your patch of Crochetland?

You may have already heard... the Fynbos Protea 3-in-One Pattern ( Hexie, Circle, Square ) is upsizing to a rectangle shaped Throw! It has been sitting there, in my comfy wingback rocking chair... looking at me as if to say " really, a Square, a mere Cushion, a measly part of a larger design? How could you, Jen!" My aim is to extend the Block to 1m x 1.2m, the perfect size for throwing over your legs on a hot chocolate and fireplace Winter's night while watching four entire seasons of  "Grand Designs" on Netflix ( oops! 😄 ).

Just as my Animals speak to me and I answer, just as I talk to the flowers in my garden and listen to their response, well...I do also talk to my patterns! Some patterns are very happy and satisfied at 10cm x 10cm or smaller. They are quiet, they look content anyway, while others seem to squirm for attention from me...they want to grooooow! I'm a good crochet Mama...I oblige. Fynbos Protea will be a 4 -in-One pattern!

The reason for this post is to let you know that I will continue using the fabulous Stone Washed by Scheepjes Yarns. You may be happy when I tell you that I will do this extension in one pattern file as opposed to multiple Parts. Everyone who has already purchased the pattern ( THANK YOU!!! ) will receive an update ( no extra cost! ) as soon as this extension is complete. For those of you who have yet to purchase the pattern, perhaps you may want to wait, or...get stuck into Part One in the meantime?

I can't say EXACTLY how soon Part Two will be completed...but I am on it like Cream on Strawberries!

Watch this space!

Friday, 5 October 2018

A little catch up!

Hello, Lovelies!

Oh my hook, I can't quite believe that it is almost 3 months since I last updated my Blog! I have a good excuse though...Karoo Vintage... which took pretty much every waking minute designing, correcting, typing up the pattern, taking all the tutorial pics, making the videos, then all the final work of uploading videos to Youtube, getting the Parts to Ravelry, updating Social Media...I felt like Shiva of the many arms!? Talk about brain drain! A huge  THANK YOU goes to my Group Admins who fielded and still are fielding questions, who are posting up lovely pictures, creating Albums and generally running the Group while I get on with wiggling a stick about in balls of delicious Award Winning Yarn!  (  isn't it fantastic and so well deserved that Scheepjes won the British Award for Best Luxury Yarn!? )

I had every intention of keeping the Blog updated and correctly corresponding each post with each Part of Karoo as it was released. know what they say about roads, good intentions, and Hell! At some point ( the one that keeps receding into the horizon ) I will complete the Karoo journey because I really cannot ever rest properly knowing I didn't take you with me to visit some of the most interesting and lovely little "dorpies" ( = Villages ). If you would like to see some of the AMAAAAZZZIIINNG colourways that Karoo is sporting you can visit HERE and HERE. I will keep updating as they are completed.

I am in a celebratory mood and have been since I wove in the very last yarn end on Karoo! Just in time too seeing as Summer is almost on our doorstep. Already the Sun seems to shine brighter and definitely hotter, the days are lengthening and I am wearing my favourite pair of red flip flops! As you can see, they are a little threadbare in places because I have worn them almost constantly through two Summers so far. My aim is to wear them until there's nothing left but the uppers. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Believe it or not but I am not right in the head. I was looking forward to some downtime in the garden, not crocheting, just relaxing and pulling up the weeds that have taken over my little garden while I had my head bent over Karoo for the past 3.5 months. This is what was on my mind, other than designing the next Part for Karoo...the entire time. So what do I do immediately Karoo was washed, carefully folded up and put into storage for next Winter's use? Yep... get stuck right into designing a cushion cover. It's official name is Jen Tyler and I am a crochet addict.

If you'd like to take a squiz at the latest pattern them please head on over to Ravelry

I hope you Lovelies have a fabulous weekend wherever you are in Crochetland, I'm off to weed the garden ( code for crochet, crochet, and more crochet! ).


Friday, 13 July 2018

We arrive in Barrydale!

 Barrydale is delightful! Typically, like many other small Karoo villages, Barrydale is home to an eclectic mix of talented people, a yummy bag of peopley all-sorts! It's not unusual to find the most interesting ( eccentric? ) people tucked away in these charming hide-outs, happily crafting away in the nooks and crannies of our beautiful Karoo.

To keep starvation at bay ( I'm kidding, but the starving Artiste does cut a  more tragi-romantic figure, right? ), many of these amazing Artists also run their homes as Guesthouses! ( click on the links for an eye-feast! ). Without the constraints and noise of city life, with lots of quiet and space to think, these Guesthouses are welcome oasis's carefully and often very beautifully decorated, to make any weary traveler coming in from the dusty dry Karoo plains, feel like never going home to the distractions of urban living. And people are gracious, oh my, we forget how living far away from the madding crowd can reset us, inside and out, to our default mode before the stress of constant Adulting made us grumpy! Here's me looking exactly like an h'anry, tired and hot grumpy adult!

We arrived before it's no wonder I was grumpy seeing as the only place open, for lunch, was closed! Even though there was an Open sign on the door! Drats! We were just about to leave when the owner arrived and made us a slap-up lunch of toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches, fries, and a greek salad! Not exactly haute cuisine! No complaints from Miss H'angry though. 😃

After we'd checked in to our little, homely Guesthouse, we then went on an exploratory walk around the entire village making friends with Cats, Dogs and Humans alike. Everyone. Was. Friendly!
We did stumble upon this adorable shop called Magpie where they make the most outlandishly creative functional bits entirely from recycled materials!

We were told that one of their upcycled Chandeliers was shipped over to Barak and Michelle Obama!

 And that was it! Nothing happened except a deep, soaking delicious lethargy, brought on by food, wine, gracious hosts, and rare old-fashioned peace and quiet! Thanks, Barrydale, we'll be back! 😊

Now on to Part Four - Barrydale!

Read more about Karoo Vintage Mystery-Along HERE!

Until next time!

Friday, 29 June 2018

Part Three and we're in Warmwaterberg!

Hello again, fellow Yarnies!

Before I take you along on the next leg of our journey I wanted to tell you that I had the fright of my life when I got a notification from Google to say my Blog had been "attacked!". This is every Bloggers nightmare, that their many years of input will all go "poof" just because someone is malicious enough to target your Blog! Luckily, I am surrounded by tech-savvy family and friends, and all the content on my Blog is safe and soundly backed-up. If my Blog does disappear it won't be a train smash to replicate it again. Whew!

Now, let's visit Warmwaterberg! Wow, what a place. Very unexpectedly and having set our minds on reaching Barrydale for dinner, a hot bath and a soft bed we stumbled upon two surprises halfway between Ladismith and our intended destination. The first was Ronnies Shop, in the middle of nowhere a pit stop for weary travelers in need of hot food and cold beer.

Because it's also popular with road-tripping Bikers, Ronnies Shop  ( click on the link to see why it's now a world-famous pit stop! ) stays open into the wee hours and on one of these nights someone got it into their head to insert, in bright red paint "SEX" between the letters Ronnie and Shop. Apparently, this had cars screeching to a halt from thereon and Ronnie, an old Biker himself, decided to keep the addition and, to boot, added "Pompstasie" to the adjacent wall. Pompstasie is basically the Afrikaans word for Pump Station, as in Gas, but it's also slang for something much naughtier!😁

Of course, it's all just a bit of fun and nothing untoward happens there other than your one beer turning into six ( or in my case several Appletisers ) and finding yourself wobbling over to Warmwaterberg which just happens to be across the road, albeit up a very long, deeply rutted, dusty winding road.

Warmwaterberg ( Warm Water Mountain ), is exactly what it says, which is a hot water spring gushing out from a source somewhere in the hills ( if you click on the links they will take you to the history and discovery of the spring as well as some fab pics of the place itself and the "baths "! ). Wooden Cabins are dotted around under massively tall Bluegum trees,  there's also plenty of space for Caravans and Tents. Other than one other couple we were alone, seeing as it was way out of season! It had been a really long day so we were more than happy to unpack in one of the little cabins and with a trail of Peacocks, Peahens, Cats and Chickens in tow, we wandered down to the hot pools, immersed ourselves and stayed there ( alternating between the hot pool and the not so hot pool ) until the stars were twinkling brightly in the vast black velvet skies of the Klein Karoo. Bliss, I tell you! Later, at the unpretentious country-style restaurant we ate one of the best Vegetarian platters I have ever been served ... this while the kitchen staff peeked nervously around the corner waiting for a Yay or Nay. It was a definite YAY!😋

The Cats, Chickens, and Peacocks all seemed to get along! Two little darlings adopted us for the night. And then, there was THIS Dog! 😃

 In short, we could have easily stayed forever!

To find Part Three-Warmwaterberg you'll just need to look in your Library on Ravelry! If you still have not got caught up in all the Karoo magic then you can visit the pattern here to learn more.

Take care, and happy hooky until next time!