Friday, 17 May 2019

Take Five and Revive!

Hello again, Lovelies! Friday's Child here ( haha ),


You're probably laughing at my cheezzzyyy blog title but seriously? How often do you remember to take five minutes ( or more ) just to catch your breath in our hyper-fast-paced World these days? I read somewhere that you can pretty much be mindful anywhere ( not just in a dedicated Meditation spot ). Mindfulness sloooows evvveeerrythiing doooown. It really does. Just try it. Next time you wash the dishes by hand, stop thinking about the shopping list, or the next household chore or the running commentary we have about other people or ourselves...just. wash. the. dishes. One by one, taking care, involving yourself in every cup, side plate and utensil. It will seem as if you have stood there for a week but when you look at the's been ten minutes. Magic. You have slowed down time. Interestingly, Crochet seems to make time speed by. What are your thoughts on slowing down time, or speeding time up? I am practising Mind Fullness and it is an interesting and therapeutic experience. Gotta try everything at least once, right?

The colourway today is definitely right up my alley. A quiet place to rest mind, body and spirit. We could call it The Revivalist Colour Mood?


Many of you probably already know about Philippa Stanton? I've been a fan for many years and her Blog ( HERE ) is an absolute delight. 

She's the author behind this beautifully presented and enlightening book called Conscious Creativity ( which you can purchase HERE ). 

But she is also so much more than an accomplished author and blogger. She's a painter too! What is so unique about her work is that it's all created through her specific "lens" of Synaesthesia. If you're wondering about that you can read more HERE. I often turn to her colour boards for inspiration.
If you're stumped for Colourways...just drool at her Instagram HERE!


My IG find last week ( clearly I have been living under a rock! ) is Zoya Matyushenko over at HERE and HERE.  If you're a big Grace Fearon fan then you'll also love Zoyas gorgeous doily designs. As soon as I laid my eyes on this beautiful, intricate design HERE I knew it was our Friday GIVEAWAY for three lucky Winners. 

All you need to do to enter is tell me which is your favourite colour and why. Don't forget to leave your Ravelry name in the comments so that I can send you your pattern! 

The Winners for last weeks Friday Pattern Giveaway will have received their patterns 


Before I close off I must say...THANK YOU ALL for the absolutely lovely colourways I am seeing for HIBISCUS TEA! If you haven't already, you can join all the fun HERE but mostly HERE.

Henny Fiserova came up with a gorgeously delicate colourway!

And Sandra Salas has dipped her magic hook into her bejewelled box of vibrant colours once again.

For more Hibiscus Tea eye-candy just head on over to the Ravelry pattern page or IG.

Part Two, where we extend our work to a Block measuring 50cm x 50 cm will be available Friday 24 May ( or sooner if no Gremlins entangle themselves in the works! ). 

Until then, happy weekend and I hope you find all the time you need to crochet
( mindfully, of course) and revive a little after your busy week.


Friday, 10 May 2019

Mystery-Make-A -Long and Moms!

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend, Yarnarinnas!🌷

πŸ’—Happy Mothers Day for Sunday 12 May!πŸ’—

My Father and I were never on good terms and he always told me I was born on a Wednesday
( Wednesday's Child Is a Child of Woe... apparently! ). However, when I turned sixteen my Aunt gave me a "baby book" in which my Mother had kept a timeline of my first baby year... a lock of auburn hair, baby photos and detailed notes, in her neat handwriting, of my first -year milestones, and the first five birthday cards before she passed away so young at 24. This little album is my most prized possession because it's all I have of my Mom. The first entry, she carefully notes "baby's time of birth",  8:15pm, weighing in at 8pnds 4oz, on FRIDAY the 29 August! So much for Wednesday's child! 😊 Fridays have always been my favourite day. Like Monday ( my other favourite day ) they are both the start of something...a new week, a new weekend!

This weekend, wherever you are celebrating Mothers Day in your corner of of the world...whether you are a Mom to Human kids or Furry, Scaley or Feathered kids, I wish you a lovely day and that those who love you make sure you know how important you are to them. If you think about it, we were all Mystery-Make-A Longs at some point ( before scanners! ).


Today is the beginning, that is, PART ONE: RNDS 1 to 25 of the Hibiscus Tea Floral Block MMAL ( Mystery-Make-A Long ). If you have already purchased the pattern you will have seen that it is already in your Ravelry Library! If you'd like to join in all the fun you can... HERE and HERE! I won't say much about it here seeing as there is oodles of information on the Ravelry pattern page ( scroll down to the NOTES section as well ), and also daily updates on the Group ( THANKS x a million to Noelene Sampey who is so graciously hosting the MMAL ).


Today's colour mood is very bright and fruity! May have something to do with the wonderful weather we are currently experiencing! It's GORGEOUS for Autumn! 🍁

Colours Scheepjes Cahlista 100% Natural Cotton 50g/ 85m
Hook size: 5mm

πŸ‘ Marichi 608
πŸ‘ Tangerine 281
πŸ‘ Delphinium 113
πŸ‘Tyrian Purple 128
πŸ‘Kiwi 205
πŸ‘ Green Yellow 245


Next up! Winners for last Friday Giveaway where I asked about your favourite Teas!
 * drum roll*

Weaving Heart UK


This week our Pattern Giveaway is the absolutely lovely Bronwyn Shawl pattern by Toni Lipsey

All you have to do to win a copy of this lovely Shawl is to tell me which day of the week you have a special affinity to, and why this is so. I'm looking forward to your comments! 😊

And now dear Friends.... I must away to join in the fun of the Hibiscus Mystery-A -Long!
See you in Crochetland!

πŸ’— Jen

Friday, 3 May 2019

May Daze!

Hello, Lovelies!

Hope your week was a good one? I'm going to say it " IT'S ALREADY MAY!". Wasn't it only Christmas two weeks ago?


Mr Hooks'nTales and I were having an age-old conversation we swore we'd never have when we heard our Parents or Grandparents going on about how time speeds up as you get older. But, yep, that's exactly the conversation we had. We decided that the most effective way to slow down time was to do absolutely nothing at all but sit out in the garden ( preferably in a hammock ), hat over eyes, and nap. Occasional trips to the coffee machine or 'fridge were allowed. Maybe a book. I'm sorry to say but Crochet is not allowed because it definitely speeds up time! There are never enough hours in the day to finish all those projects, right!?

Today's colour mood is again Vintage themed and I'm beginning to suspect that the reason I'm so drawn to these back-in-time themed images is that I'm trying to slow down time by going backwards!

The colours I've chosen are from the recently released Scheepjes Metropolis, a fingering weight blend of 75% Merino and 25% Nylon. They come in 50g/ 200m balls and the recommended Hook size is 3mm. I should mention that I'm not paid to promote Scheepjes Yarns! These are just colours/yarns I'm crushing on at the moment and it may very well have something to do entirely with Therese Eghult @crochetedbytess colourway for High Tea!

Many of you have probably already bagged your copy of the High Tea Extension but if not you can get the Block HERE and the Extension HERE and if you're not going to do the mix and match thing, you can get the Throw HERE! I'm sorry the Throw is 60c more expensive on ETSY but that was their doing, not mine.

πŸ‘ Bangalore 052
πŸ‘ Dubai 047
πŸ‘ Sydney 048
πŸ‘ Cota 024
πŸ‘ Medan 005
πŸ‘ Liverpool 065


I haven't forgotten that we have some lucky Winners to announce from last Friday's GIVEAWAY of the gorgeous shawl pattern by AnaD, called Falling Blossoms. Oh my gosh, I so loved reading about your favourite flowers and I was reminded of some that were definitely high up on my favourite flowers list!



Also, I am super excited to announce that I am pregnant! JUST KIDDING! πŸ˜‰Well, I am sort of pregnant with a brand new design! It's the second Block of the 4-Part series of High Tea mix and match Blocks and Extensions. This Block and Extension will be run as an MMAL ( mystery-make-a-long ) and the first part will be available on FRIDAY MAY 10! I've called it Hibiscus Tea and you can head on over HERE and check out the details. Here's a very teeny sneak peek.


Next up... our FRIDAY GIVEAWAY! You do realise I am vicariously making these gorgeous patterns through our Winners, seeing as I never have enough hours in the day left to crochet ALL. THE. PATTERNS! πŸ˜€

The pattern up for grabs for 3 x Winners is by the amazingly talented Sandra Eng (MobiusGirl on IG) I fell right in love with her Marguerite Blanket Pattern when I first saw it. I've purchased one for myself but will I ever get around to making it? Mmmmm.

Our question for today is: Which Herbal Tea is Your Favourite! Mine is definitely Hibiscus. Its tangy tart flavour is just up my herbal tea street ( although Coffee remains my first love ). Leave your comments in the comment section below and don't forget to add your Ravelry name!

I hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful and luxurious weekend. Don't forget to spoil yourself!

See you in Crochetland
πŸ’— Jen

PS: On a non-yarny related subject, a few of you Lovelies were asking about Alfie? Maybe this pic says it all? He's in his element!

Friday, 26 April 2019

Easter Bumper Issue!

Happy Friday, Yarnarinnas!🌹

πŸ‡I hope you all had a very pleasant Easter Weekend?πŸ‡

First of all, apologies for the delay in getting the High Tea Extension text pattern to you on the deadline date ( which was Good Friday!). I can't believe I completely forgot all about the Easter long weekend and that I'd promised long-suffering Mr HooksnTales that he could drag me away for a few days to our teeny off-grid cabin in the beautiful Riebeek Valley.

I packed my laptop with every good intention of "working" through the weekend but you know what they say about good intentions! I'm not going to lie, I had an absolutely FABULOUS ( if somewhat a tad dramatic ) weekend and it was exactly what I needed, for ever so long! It's funny how we continue to push ourselves, well beyond the point where we should take a break!

We always take the back roads out of Cape Town. This way it really feels like our mini-holiday begins immediately. There's a lovely ( albeit longer ) madly-meandering country road that runs over hills and dales and in some places, the potholes are as big as a baby bath! Mostly though it's not bad at all and the scenery is worth the extra time it takes to get to our destination.

We always stop along the way for breakfast and coffee at de Malle Meule ( The Mad Mill ), an old wheat Mill in a village called Philidelphia, that worked right up until the late 1970's. The building and the interior have been preserved and beautifully renovated and it's now a very popular restaurant.

We sat way over in the corner and as it was still early the Sun had just begun to peek its head through the windows.

Much of the old mill inner workings have been left in place and next time we visit we'll do a proper exploration because there's still so much to see of this beautiful old building. You can take a visit HERE!

What I love especially about these rare weekend breaks is that it's like going home. The housie is off-grid but we've set everything up with solar panels and gas so that we're completely self-sufficient and comfortable when we stay over. Mind you, we mostly eat out in the village and over the years the friends we've made there are always happy to see us and us them and over a cold beer ( Mr HooksnTales ) and coffee ( coffee junkie me of course! ) we are caught up on all the local news and village gossip!

We'd heard that the local Flora and Fauna department had decided to do a controlled burn on the Kasteelberg Mountain which is right behind our house but we didn't expect it still to be going when we arrived on Friday morning! We also didn't expect a fierce wind to blow in from nowhere at around 3pm and fan those flames so that we had to evacuate ourselves and the doggies to a safer distance until the Fire Department arrived!

I made a video and you can hear how the wind is huffing and puffing to fan those flames!

As you can see, everything is tinder dry after the long hot Summer. Luckily clouds started gathering shortly afterwards and it rained buckets through the night. Hooray! By the morning there was no trace of smoke and the fire had been well and truly dampened.

Nothing speaks of Africa quite like the silhouette of a Witdooring boom ( White Thorn Tree ) against a stormy sky.

The next morning, breakfast at can't go wrong with a start like this! Just another lovely "busy" Saturday morning on the Riebeek-Kasteel high street! And not a whisp of smoke from the mountain!

The rest of the weekend passed peacefully and uneventfully. On Easter Sunday I found an Easter egg in the garden under the black-pepper tree.πŸ˜„

Although the Riebeek Valley is Olive ( and Wine ) country and the Olive Festival is on the weekend of 5 May, I was still surprised to see a few Olives on our Olive tree! I'm such an Urban Bumpkin!

Roxy and I hung about with the High Tea Throw.

Roxy diligently checked my stitch count.

Of course...I have NOT forgotten that we have some Winners to announce! I just LOVED reading through all your Cabin Romance stories! It made me want to jump in my car and head straight back to Riebeek-Kasteel!! I really had a hard time choosing only 5!


Tara from CrassNCrafty
Karen Sladen
Julie Clemens
Michelle le Roux

( Please email me with your Ravelry names and I will send you your High Tea Extension pattern + a pattern of your choice! )

Next up, the Winners for Natalia Kononova's lovely Climbing Rose Top pattern!



This Friday our Giveaway is this beautiful shawl pattern ( swooooon ) 
by Ana D called " Falling Blossoms".
All you need to do to enter and stand a chance of winning this pattern is to leave a comment below about your favourite flower ( don't forget to add your Ravelry name as well ).

Good Luck!

Happy Weekend
πŸ’— Jen

PS: I am skipping the Colour Friday Mood today but you can head on over to our Group where Noelene has done the honours today ( again ). 😊

PPS: On Monday (29 April ) The High Tea Extension Text Version will be added to the Video PDF which is already released ( hope you are all managing! ).

Friday, 12 April 2019

Mellow Morning, Mice and Mist.

Hello, Lovelies! Hope you are all well in Crochetland?


It's a misty morning here in the Cape of Storms ( sadly, no storms yet! ). Everything is blooming though, in anticipation of the coming Winter rains. Almost like an offering to the Rain Sprites, Proteas, Honeysuckle and Guara bushes display their jewel flowers against a backdrop of Table Mountain (shrouded in moody rain clouds) imploring the drops to fall. But so far, nothing.

I want to introduce you to Mary Walker, an absolutely amazing local photographer who lives in Riebeek-Kasteel ( where we often escape to our off-grid housey ). She's been very busy capturing the wildlife goings on at this time of the year and managed to snap this wee Mouse munching away on fresh Guara flowers ( aka Beeblossoms ). I have loads growing in my urban garden but I've yet to see a Guara munching Mousie!

From March in almost every Cape garden you'll find these adorable little birds, the Southern Double-Collared Sunbird! They arrive in large groups at the end of Summer and stay for at least 6-months. They flit among the Honeysuckle hedge right outside my studio window! I forget all about my crochet then!

Again, Mary Walker has captured a perfect image!

I know that in the Northern Hemisphere you are all waking from your Winter hibernation, while we down South begin the joyful task of settling into all things cosy. I love the soft daydreamy, natural tones of this image, the bed-linen, the cup of all makes for a long, lazy, mellow morning, right? I've reached that age where it is all possible now. Or should I say my children have reached the age where it's possible for me to lie -in as long as I like. That is until I hear my yarn and hook calling!
This little fur-ball has no problem mellowing out, any time of the day, Miss Augusta. She is a Master Mellower!

For today's Colour Friday I've used Scheepjes Catona. It's 100% mercerised cotton. The recommended hook size is 3.50mm. You can find out about all the amazing colours HERE! There are 109 colours! The names are totally droolicious too. Internationally you can order from Woolwarehouse in the UK. In South Africa, you can order from Be Inspired 

The colours I used are:

πŸ‘ Rose Wine 396
πŸ‘ Old Rose 408
πŸ‘ Sweet Mandarin 523
πŸ‘ Petal Peach 263
πŸ‘ Linen 505
πŸ‘ Bridal White 105
πŸ‘ Lime Juice 392
πŸ‘ Sage Green 212

I hope these colours will put you in the perfect mellow weekend mood. πŸ’—

Todays Pattern Giveaway is a gorgeous pattern from one of my favourite designers, the super-talented Natalia Kononova from Outstanding Crochet. It's a perfect Spring/Summer top and I love the climbing rose. Leave a comment (and your Ravelry name) and I will randomly ( out of a hat! ) choose 3 x Winners next Friday! Good luck! 

The Winners are, for last Friday's Giveaway which was the wonderful, whimsical doily pattern called "Barbara" by Grace Fearon....

🌹 Marie de Reuk🌹
🌹 Amina Khan🌹
🌹 Jenny5🌹


Good news is that I have finally completed the extension for High Tea! Yipppeeeee! I can't wait to show you but for now, it's still a secret! πŸ˜‰

I did a Poll last week to see which version you would all like, one pattern ( the block + extension = throw ) or two separate patterns to mix and match when the other 3 x Blocks and Extensions are complete. The majority voted for two separate patterns to mix and match. HOWEVER... I have decided to make the High Tea Throw available as ONE pattern on Love Crochet and Etsy! As soon as the text pattern is complete I will drop ALL the relevant links here ( in a blog post ). 

Wishing you all a wonderfully mellow weekend!