Sunday, 14 May 2017

Of Shawls, and Things.

Hello All, and I hope life has been giving you lemonade! Although some Lemons are sweet too. 😄

Just popping in for all you Hooksters who haven't "hooked" up with me ( yet ) on the Facebook HooksnTales page. It's a lot more lively there than here on my Blog, which I use more as a collection site for Crochet Resources and/or a pick-up point for new patterns I release. One of the reasons I am not on Instagram is the time it takes to administer Social Media accounts! This, I can tell you, takes time, and therefore time away from the Hook! And we can't have that now, can we? 😃

There has also been quite a bit of action regarding The Pondoland Square and almost daily I am adding new Pondo's to the FB Albums ( pop over to the FB page for a further looky? ). These are from my patient and talented Testers.

Credit: Cindy Van Der Schee 💕

Credit: Judy Stamnes 💚💝

Credit: Lucia Martins 🙌

And then I made all those video tutorials which was going waaaahaaay out of my comfort zone! The Pondo has also been featured on quite a few websites too! Here and here, Not to mention getting a lot of action on FB crochet groups. I've been dishing out buckets and buckets of grateful THANK YOU's. I'm always ( pleasantly ) surprised that my squares do make other crocheters happy! I feel very encouraged by all our sisters in yarn. Having never had an actual sister I can tell you it's a brand new experience for me to be the recipient of so much positivity and kindness from other women. Our crochet community is an incredibly warm and nurturing one, and I feel very grateful and honoured to be part of it all. 💓

And The Pondo was #1 on the Ravelry Hit Parade for a week! Showeee, I was SO excited! 🙌

Then there has been a mini-CAL, as well as a bigger CAL hosted by the Colourful CAL's/KAL's Group Projects on Ravelry. This CAL runs until August and involves all the squares. It's " open-project too" You can join anytime, make whatever you like, and no pressure to stick to a specific timeframe.

I've been creating "squary" Albums on FB as a way of providing a database of all the squares and their colourways, and honestly, I am awestruck at some of the AMAAAZING colourways clever crocheters have come up with. I used to think I was quite good with my own colourways but no, I see I have still so much to learn. Which is wonderful, challenging and inspiring! Thank you!

In spite of all sorts of personal interruptions to my hooky life ( my eldest son stayed with us for 3 weeks 💓 en route to a new job in New York, I had Flu, there were all those public holidays too with The Man at home! ) I have been deep in designing, redesigning, frogging, and generally faffing over the new BIG square. This one will be a paid pattern so I am excited to see what sort of results will come of my attempt to extort hard cash ( for YARN of course ) from y'all in exchange for an awesome pattern? Tee hee! I will still continue offering beautiful FREE patterns, so don't panic. But from time to time, to keep my yarn basket in action, I will charge for a pattern. Sounds fair? Or not? Let me know in the comments. You may have noticed that a while ago I added a PAY FAST button in the hopes a few pennies would be deposited to help with that ever dwindling yarn basket. And so 💕 THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH  💕 to those who have popped in some spare change. A little goes a long way here in South Africa. 💖

The other thing is...I have suddenly been struck with the Shawl virus. I began making one, just off the top of my head, to see if I could actually do it and then BAM I was hooked. I am only half way through and just feeling my way through the design. Of course, it has been named * The Flamingo Feathered Shawl *. If it works out as I hope, then I will attempt to replicate it and share the pattern.

I was wanting to do an easy side project that would involve an almost "brainless" amount of hooky. Also, using one skein ( or two ) in one variegated colour and a large Hook ( 5.5 ). I had a new 100g skein of Elle Yarn Pullskein DK acrylic in "Rosily". I managed 17 rounds with one 100g skein and I have a 50g skein in a similar colour ( more purply ). 9 more rounds to go, not counting the border, to make it approximately 52" ( across ) and 26" ( down the centre ). There will be tassels involved. 😄

 I'm not even a "shawl person" so who knew! 😃 Watch this space because there WILL be shawls! With patterns!

Keep your Hooks close and wishing you a wonderful yarny fun-filled week!
 💕 Jen


  1. OMGosh! Fantastic Shawl. Looking forward to your next square - free or paid.

  2. Thanks so much, June! I really think I could get into this Shawl thing. The way I see it they're just large half-squares, so... combines all my hooky loves. :-) xx

  3. Hi, Jen!

    I cannot wait for another square! Obviously, it is very convenient for us if the patterns are free (:D), but you put so much effort and time into each pattern, it just seems fair to give something back. And your designs are so unique and really stunning!

  4. Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence! :D xx

  5. Hi Jen!Congrats on all the beautiful things happening to you, everything is well deserved! I am so happy the Pondoland is so popular and your testers have made some heavenly ones!

    1. Thank you so much, Maya! It's been very exciting! Who knew crochet was such a scene? :D xx