Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My very first Youtube attempt!

I finally did it! My youngest son, Blue, has on quite a few occasions suggested I try my hand at making a Youtube tutorial. So I did! Mind you, it's taken a while to get the hang of it. First I read up on how other crafters have managed this and to be sure, I cannot imagine putting an entire photoshoot thingy together with all the correct equipment, lighting, and other paraphernalia. For a few reasons: I can't afford the hardware, where would I set up a dedicated space, my cat would have a field day with this arrangement. 😼 This, however, was a very useful tutorial. 

Since forever ( yes, I often feel that old 😊 ) my devise de la vie has been " Necessity is the Mother of Invention ". Honestly, it's my bottom-line for almost every situation. I was sure we had a tripod " somewhere" and after only two nags my husband went hunting and found it, shrouded in cobwebs but after a good clean came up looking like new. Then I screwed on my little Kodak point and shoot camera, but after figuring out the precise angle to show "hands only" I saw that the feet of the tripod insisted on staying in the frame! Ok, so next "invention"! A small box filled with squishy yarn, the camera on its tripod, like some small alien robot balanced across the yarn box.  Next, I gathered together some materials and began recording. After only a few tries ( ok, it was nine! ) I managed a little video where almost most of the time my hands were actually IN the frame.

That was the easier part. I had to learn a new skill too, figuring out how Movie Maker works. So that took a while. Finally, onwards to Youtube. I will say, loading up a video clip takes AGES but if you've figured out how to reduce the size of your file then you're looking at an hour or so. Luckily, I am patient, it's my saving grace I tell you, or I would have given up out of sheer irritation! An important thing I learned was that all those crochet tutorials I take for granted, took an incredible amount of work in the background and now I am triply grateful to the Ladies ( and some Gents ) who have the inclination to make them! All in all, if I take anything away from this it's that learning a new skill is never a waste of time. 😃

Have a great day further!
💖 Jen


  1. My youngest is called Blue, too! She's a girl though 💙

    1. Hi Caroline! That's so cool!:) If he'd been a girl I'd have called him Ruby. My daughters are named Jade and Cyan.:D xx

  2. I have a Ruby, too! Also a Lily and a Liam :)

  3. way! It's a good thing we're not neighbours! Imagine the confusion trying to call kids home for dinner! :D I've always loved the name's Lily and Liam. Savannah was a thought too. I have a friend who named her son Garnet. :)