Sunday, 22 January 2017

A little change of Heart.

I often play around with my designs after releasing the pattern. Also, before I release a pattern I make up to 5, sometimes 10 variations of the design. πŸ’Ÿ Then I choose one! It's always a confusing choice because I love them all! One day I shall have to publish a little e-Book with all the patterns. πŸ˜„

Here is a variation on The Meiringspoort Heart design. If you like fiddling about with design, then you can see that it's fairly easy to add bits here and there. I thought to do Puffs where the dc's and tr's are atm. Also, I eliminated the fillers around the Heart, rather joining the dcfp spokes to the triangular shape ( if that makes sense? ).

Do the first 3 rounds of the Meiringspoort Heart pattern. Instead of making 4dc's into the ch2 spaces, jump straight to the dcfront post "spokes" part. Instead of making a sc into the BL of the next 4 stitches ( there are no stitches here to do that now ), begin with 6x chains around the top of the first Popcorn, this = 1dc + 3ch.Thn 1xdcfp around the top of the next Popcorn, ch3, 1dcfp around the next Popcorn, ch3. Then continue the sequence.  = 8 x dcfp's and 8 x ch3 spaces. Slip stitch into top of 3rd chain. Ch1 and make 4sc around ch3 space, Ch1 and 4sc around next ch3 space, ch1 and 4 sc around the next ch3 space...continue this sequence. Change yarn colour, into any ch1 space make 1 x mini-Puff ( y/o x 3 ), ch2, 1x mini-Puff, ch2, 1x mini-Puff, ch2 then 1sc into next 8 stitches, ch2 and repeat the mini-Puffs sequence into ch1 space. Then 1sc into next 13 stitches, ch2 and repeat the mini-Puff sequence into the ch1 space, continue with 1sc into the next 13 stitches. Ch2 and slip stitch closed into the top of your 1st Puff.

Change yarn colour, and begin with a ch4 into the ch2 space before your 1st of 3 Puffs. Then into that same ch2 space, do 2 x tr's, ch3.
3tr's into next ch2 space after 1st Puff, ch3,
3tr's into next ch2 space after 2nd Puff, ch3
3tr's into ch2 space after 3rd Puff
= 12 trebles + 3 x ch3 spaces.

Make a hdcfp around the dcfp "spoke " and then start with a treble into the first ch2 space after last sc from previous round. You'll be mirroring the first trebles sequence. After the last 3 trebles, do 1sc into the back loops of the next 10 stitches, ch over the Puff, sc into ch2 space, ch2 over next Puff, sc into ch2 space, ch1 over next Puff,then 1sc into BL of the next 10 stitches. Slip stitch into the top of those beginning chains of the previous round  Finish off the Heart with this sequence. Begin with a sc just before the 1st treble.1x Puff into space between the trebles, ch2, 1xPuff into next space after 2nd treble, ch3, 1 x Puff into space after next treble, ch2, 1xPuff into space after 2nd tr, ch3...continue until your last Puff stitch, then sc into BL of the next 12 stitches, ch1 at the point of the Heart, then sc into BL of next 12 stitches, then you should be back at your Trebles, do your Puffs and Chains sequence in those Trebles, ending with a sc into space after the last treble, slip stitch into the 1st sc on the other side of the hdcfp, , pull tight , fasten off, You can make a loop here for hanging your Heart.

Please be sure to let me know if I've made some bloopers in this pattern! 😊

πŸ’– Jen

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