Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thank you so much!

Just a quick note to apologise for not answering comments from the lovely people who left notes. My comments section here was on the wrong setting! But I've sorted that all out now. Thank you so very much for popping in and taking the time to post a comment. I appreciate them very much! I've been having so much fun designing afghan squares and finally getting the hang of writing them out, and doing all the techy work of putting PDF's together. Who says an old horse can't learn new tricks! :D I've had such lovely comments about my designs ( all three...hee hee ) and this has only encouraged me further to explore my design skills, At this point my mind in full of're going to get bored with me churning out patterns! :D I also have lots of stories to tell because somehow each pattern seems to jog memories...or is that the other way around?Well, nevermind, I do love sharing these little snippets of my life with you lovely people. It's sort of cathartic too, to write them out. Some are quite sad though, but I hope not too many. I don't want to make anyone cry into their crochet! And of course, if you feel you would like to share your own stories here...I would LOVE to read them. So please, don't be shy.

Until the next pattern, take care and may the crochet bug never leave! :D

Love, always

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