Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Bloemfontein Rose is here!

My big announcement is that I have made a sweet little afghan square called The Bloemfontein Rose. Then I wrote out an actual pattern for it ( gasp! )! THEN, I figured out how to put it all together in a PDF! More astonishingly, I swotted up on how to load this all on to Google Drive, and then... create a link to the PDF here in my very own blog land. My brain hurts!!!  The next step is to attempt uploading it to my Ravelry account. Wish me luck1 :D

 I have explained all about this design in the FREE PDF!  here.

I really love this square. Just my cup of coffee...simple, vintage-feely, not too complicated, and with an "open-work" design I usually go for! I have tested the pattern several times, but I'm sure there may still be mistakes a super-duper crochet ninja will cringe at. Nevertheless, I hope it finds its way into a lovely afghan somewhere in the world. A little piece of Africa, a little piece of my heart too.


Love, always!

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