Monday, 22 August 2016


This week is my Birthday week and I am giving myself a very special  birthday present by rounding up an entire year's crochet projects which I have completed since August last year. I'm not sure if other crocheters also tend to lose sight /count of their projects? Anyhow...this is not a blog post about * The Big Round Up *. Although I did start this Lapghan last year, so it does count.

I do tend to sort of forget all the projects I tackled! So much so that I often feel that I've accomplished " absolutely nothing! ". I have taken to recording each of my finished projects in my Ravelry account. This way I can keep a record which will serve to encourage me when I feel I've done " absolutely nothing!". Sigh. Being a Virgo is exhausting sometimes! Hahaha!

I've called this lapghan *Riviersonderend *. In Afrikaans ( derived from Dutch/French/German ) this means River Without End. The  first reason I named it thus is because there are no tails, yes, NO TAILS WHATSOEVER,  to sew in at the end of each row. You just snip off the colour you are using, then attach your new colour by joining it to the previous colour with a sturdy knot. Reason two is the easy-peasy wavy Shell Stitch.  Reason three is the blue flowy colours flanked by greens and browns or otherwise described as "the river running through the trees".

I used a lovely soft acrylic DK called Pure Gold by Elle Yarns. It's a bit fiddly to work up with a 4mm crochet hook as the yarn does tend to split. This only happens occasionally though so no biggy! The Shell Stitch, combined with the long rows of soft acrylic makes this lapghan ( 40" x 38" ) drape beautifully. It's cosy, soft, warm and very pliable. The colours are very much ME. :)

Mostly too, this worked up quickly and there wasn't much going on here so a lovely easy piece of hooky!

It's a rainy pre-Spring Monday here and I'm enjoying these cooler months so much. Suddenly everywhere there are clear signs of Spring and it makes me just a little bit sad. I'm most definitely a Winter Hooker!

Crochet is my happy place. No matter the weather!
Love, always and crochet on... :)

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