Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Post Birthday Blahs.

It's true, I do feel quite blah, after all the excitement around my B'day. You see the thing is, I hardly ever get to see my grown children because well, they're all over the place living their hectic and high-paced lives. My middle son, for instance, is a software developer and many of his clients live in the USA! This means while we're all tucked up nice and cosy like, he and his wife , who is a computer graphics designer, are working well past the wee hours because the USA is almost an entire day behind us. Time-wise that is. :D Arranging anything with them is sort of like complicated holiday travel plans.

My youngest son does longboard skating competitions so he's often away racing down hills and giving me mini-nervous breakdowns, and my eldest son has recently left to help set up a restaurant in Manama, which is in The Kingdom of Bahrain! He had a small meltdown on my B'day when he called home to let us know that at 10pm at night the temperatures there are 10 degrees higher than our ever most hottest recorded midsummer day here!

Of course, I immediately wanted to jump on a 'plane to go and  spray him with cool water while serving up non-stop iced teas as he diligently slogs away at his 16 hours a day new job! So the reason I have a post-Birthday hangover has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with seeing four darling people for a few hours and crying my eyes out at another darling person " suffering". Introvert Hangover is real! :D It has been so bad I couldn't even pick up a crochet hook!

Around all the activity over the past few weeks, and after finishing Frida's Flowers, I did dabble a bit in some new designs. I have ideas. I'm not sure where they're going or where they'll end but they are there.

Also, I started a belated B'day afghan for my one and only ( so far ) daughter-in-law. She wanted "fairy colours" so fairy-colours it is! Because we're going into Spring and Summer I wanted to design something very simple, not too bulky...more of a throw really. Anyhow, it doesn't seem to matter how  bad I feel, I always have something at hand to crochet! Yay for that.

As you can see I'm using my favourite vintage colours. Oh, I DO LOVE pastels! I find them so peaceful, calming and restful. I can literally feel tension in my body ease as I play with these colours. Honestly, I LOVE all shades of brown too, all those lovely "grounding" earthy colours! I really want to make an afghan that evokes EARTH!  Americans call it Dirt...sorry, but I cannot equate that with my beloved soil and earth. :D

Anyhow, I'm sure a few quiet days, the phone off the hook, and social media down to a minimum will help recharge my creative batteries and physical energy again. Until then, it's hermit time for me.

Love, always,

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