Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A little catch up.

Hello, friends! I hope all has been well in your part of the world? Quite frankly I have been a little down with all the horrible going ons that have been taking place on our beautiful planet. There are days I think we all feel that we're just keeping our heads above rough waters. Hanging on by a thread of Yarn, as it were. I was chatting with a friend recently and we both wondered how anyone manages to not get depressed when they a) cannot appreciate the daily simple beauty and pleasures of "the little things " or b) have no creative desires or outlet. We agreed: those people generally become Politicians! :D

In between all the sadness of recent world events, I have been faithfully hook - in- hand at the lovely Frida's Flowers CAL ( yes, STILL!! ). It's taking much longer than I thought it would. But the end is in sight as I am finishing round 6! Yay!

I have lots of excuses, mainly PINTEREST! I have been crocheting small aside projects. I mean, you see them, and they are irresistible! I can't help myself! Like these little Pincushions, you just cannot NOT crochet them! :D

Also there have been family birthdays, and outings, and even a small holiday! And Flu. Then of course, in case you missed it. I have created a page here called "Colour Inspiration" and I am filling it with all the colour palettes I've designed. I have FOLDERS and FOLDERS of stunningly beautiful images on my PC. Whenever I look at them I just see Yarn. Anyhow, they are such fun to make so I'll just carry on. I have been crocheting squares in the palettes I've created. I haven't quite mastered the patience for writing out crochet patterns ( yet ). Watch this space.

I was having lunch with my youngest son yesterday and he suggested I become " a youtube sentation!" ( his words )!! Hahahaaa, well, I'll first have to overcome my lifelong Introverted Personality Shyness. But who knows. It may well be the answer to avoiding writing out patterns?

What I love most about Crochet is the ENDLESS variation. I cannot imagine ever becoming bored with this amazing craft.

Have a wonderful week, fellow Crochet-Travellers. Happy Hooking!

Love, always!

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