Thursday, 7 April 2016

Cherry Blossom Square

Cherry Blossoms! My friends in the northern climes are flooding FB with images of Cherry trees, resplendent in blossoms. But, we have Cherry trees here too and even Cherry picking season and Cherry Festivals! Of course, we are sliding into Winter rather quickly ( yay ) if the weather is anything to go by. There has already been a dusting of snow here and there. cherry blossoms to speak of! It's a funny thing though that mostly I will crochet flowery things in Winter! Probably to brings sparks of light to the darker days?

Anyhow, back to Cherry Blossoms. Aren't they just beautiful and for some reason seem to have a more romantic, magical element than good ol' Apple blossoms, or Peach blossoms, although all blossoms are blooming fabulous! The Japanese Cherry Blossom, is seen in almost all of their handwork and Art. When I think of cherry blossoms I think of Japan!

I've been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for a simple Cherry Blossom pattern. Most of what I saw were stylised versions, usually worked into a hexie. Or, crocheted and then sewn onto scarves, mittens, hats, cushion covers and so forth. Maybe I wasn't looking long enough but I wanted to find a more classic pattern, a five-petaled cherry blossom rounded off and then squared.

So, after all this searching my mind was seriously befuddled. Information overload is real! I had to take a day or two away from Pinterest, and other random pattern-searching-forays, to quiet my mind and THINK! Well, I THUNKED up a pattern of my own.

 And after seven attempts ( no frogging , just finishing the square and using it as a template to improve on the next one ) I came up with a simple and what I think, pretty design. I'll be making nine sampler squares, each one playing with different colour combinations. Although I do want to keep the colour recipe as natural as possible. These are the first three squares using slight variations on the "background" colours.

I'll also change the petal hues, making some darker and others lighter. After this I'll join them up for a cushion cover. I'm quite excited about this project. Also, I've attempted to write out a pattern but need to pay attention to details or else no-one else will be able to follow some of the only very slightly tricky bits. Wish me luck!

Take care and keep hooking!
Love, always,

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