Saturday, 23 April 2016

A South African CAL!

I'm usually a bit slow when it comes to picking up the newest latest greatest best thing. By the time I hear about anything it's already passed! I'm always saying to my kids " why am I the last to hear anything!" My excuse is that I'm not a mainstream sort of person. I fly around the periphery of life, darting in now and again when something bright, shiny and interesting captures my attention. Basically, I'm a Magpie. So I was actually quite surprised when this CAL was announced, on the FB page of my favourite yarn makers. It was literally minutes after they posted their BIG SURPRISE that I saw it! And not wasting a moment ( although I did have to wait an entire 24 hours before the actual announcement! ) I registered on their website HERE and downloaded the free pattern for the first square ( x 2 ) of this super pretty afghan. The thing I love about it most, is that it's local!

 I slightly changed a few things. I'm not a fan of's just too...well, white! So I opted for * Ivory instead. The other colours are from the Elle Family Knit DK range and for this square, they are * Antique * Mistletoe * Gravel * Duck Egg Blue * Ivory ( Elle Pure Gold DK  ). As soon as I downloaded the pattern ( you must register on their website first to access the pattern ) I got straight to it.

Seeing as I've just about completed my Winter Cherry Blossom cushion cover, which entailed quite a bit of single crochet and crochet into front and back posts ( slightly laborious ), these squares, on the other hand, just flew off my hook! Anyhow, so I wanted to drop them here, because this little piece of Blogland is where I store my crochet adventures, just in case our home burns down ( god-forbid! ) and all is lost! Trust me to be the worry-wart. I'm really looking forward to the next square and now I completely understand why crocheters go from one CAL to the next. They are addictive!

Thank you for stopping by!
Love, always.
Jen xxx