Friday, 1 April 2016

A big basket of Easter!

Hello Everyone ( my three fans, tee, hee ). Well, Easter is over-ish and I hope no-one is nursing a too-much-chocolate hangover? It's been a quiet few days for me, mostly imposed, because of Flu. Mind you, the weather played along all rainy and blustery like so I feel I didn't miss a thing ( except crochet ). My head and eyes, and sinus's, and just about every other part of my body were involved and in spite of my best efforts, I could not put a hook to yarn. Mr T and I headed out of the city to our tiny off-grid cabin in the country ( only an hour outside the city! ) and sniffled and coughed our way through two seasons of Modern Family, snuggled deep under a warm duvet.

And then,we wobbled down to the shops ( only two blocks down the road ) for important supplies, like the latest Ideas magazine, and as I casually spoiler-flipped the pages...well! It had slipped my mind completely that I'd emailed them a fan mail months before! And there it was, with the image I'd submitted. I'm famous now so I'll probs have to get an agent, and an office, and some assistants. Hee, hee! It is a funny feeling seeing your own work in your favourite mag though!

Also, I'd been gathering some yarn together for a day-dreamed project and look, it almost exactly matched the colour co-ordinations on the cover! Patterns. I keep saying. :-)

Since finishing the Married Harmony blankie, I've felt a little lost, as we all do, right? My Water For Trees blanket is coming along, haltingly, but there's no feeling of urgency there seeing as it's for me. It's interesting, to me at least, that I will crochet by the light of the midnight oil for someone else, but my personal projects are waiting in line...usually right at the back of the queue. Again, I see patterns in this, and questions, and answers too. Although, I'm not a total loser here because I did crochet up a few satisfying little side-projects. Yes, Crochet is a perceptive therapist, when we know where to look. But here I go again, waffling all philosophical again.

You know, well maybe not, but I'm a huge fan of The Patchwork Heart. I just love her simple yet exquisitely beautiful work. And her palettes, or as she calls them "colour recipes" are faultless! Anyhow, I was inspired as I am, always, when I peruse her Blog and FB page, to crochet a cosy cover for me ol' hot water bottle. Since the Big M ( yes, Menopause ) I have experienced the excruciating discomfort of several UTIs! Anyone who relates, and that's almost all women, knows that our trusty hot water bottle helps so much! Even just hugging its soft warmth is comforting during this stressful time. I've never owned a hot water bottle "before this time" but when my dear Irish mom-in-law passed on I found that I had inherited one! Thank you!!

I chose a few soft Autumn tones from my usual good quality acrylic pick, Elle Pure Gold DK ( Suede, Blush, Plum and Amethyst)  and Elle Family Knit DK ( Coral Rose ) and a traditional granny square with a Cosmos blossom centre. Cosmos are a much loved floral show here at the onset of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Although mostly on the "highveld" where I grew up. I would pick arm-fulls and fill buckets with these enchanting, cheerful wildflowers and not mind a bit that they would quickly, abundantly, scatter pollen and petals all over the floors, carpets and table tops. The *divine mess* I call it. I tried out a Lazy Waves design for the back which worked in my favour when it came to securing the bottom with buttons.

There was also a lot of mucking about in the garden and coffee-drinking at local cafes. I absolutely love it when Mr T has days off from work! The weather, so far, has remained right up my alley! Cool, rainy... and those Cape of Storms cloudscapes are back! EVERYTHING, has been absolutely parched here and to say we need rain is an understatement. So, here's to inclement weather, the oft under-appreciated ally of all crocheters and knitters. Bring. It. On!

Wishing you the best crochet weather, wherever you are in the world!
Love, always,

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