Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lucky 13.

Yippeee, finally completed a simple wedding anniversary Sweethearts garland/bunting, which has 13 Hearts (my husband and I were married on a Friday the 13th!). I hung it over our bed, because we still haven't found the perfect headboard. Our 113 year old house is being painted, slowly, one room at a time by me...and I haven't settled on a colour for the bedroom. I'm leaning towards Duck Egg Blue. Sadly it's Ancient White at the moment.

 Also, got around to crocheting up a handy "colour reference pin-board", which I've been meaning to do since I first started crocheting around two years ago. Before that it was bits of yarn, attached to Prestick, stuck to a cupboard door. The labels eventually fade or fall off and I wanted something a bit more robust. This weekend I had a bee in my bonnet to tidy up all the lose ends floating in my mind, all those niggling  little irritations that do the rounds in your head while you're crocheting. So I crocheted up colour samples for my entire stash. And once I pinned them all up it was really useful to see the colours I gravitate towards , and the one (s) I gravitate away from...YELLOW. I have ONE skein of Sunshine Yellow!! Yellow is just not my colour it seems. Anyhow, with my lovely Colour Reference Board, I was able to put in a decent yarn order at my favourite online yarn store Kayo Bazaar. My intention is to fill in the blank yellow spaces with softer Baby Yellow, and Banana Yellow. :-) Useful too, to shuffle colour combinations around on.

I'm more than usually excited about getting this yarn delivery because I've ordered 5 skeins of Coffee Cotton to try out. 60% cotton, 25% panfibres and 15% coffee extract. It had me at Coffee Extract!  I'll do a review once I've played with it a bit. Of course, all this "tidying up" is me busily procrastinating over the border to my Married Harmony afghan/blanket. I've reached that point and I cannot make up my mind over the border. It's even creeping into my dreams! I think I need to not think about it for a few days and hopefully , as it usually does, the perfect solution will just pop up...probably while I'm driving, or in the shower! I've learned that when I get anxious about finding a solution to something, anything really, the best thing to do is to Then like magic, the solution floats into consciousness. Always. I need to trust this process.

May inspiration always find you... close to your hook and yarn! :-)
Love, always,

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  1. I love Coffee Cotton, so nice to work with!