Thursday, 4 February 2016

Handmade Hook Rolly

Yep, I think I made that name up, Hook Rolly. You roll it up, and it has Hooks inside. :-) I made one a few months ago with some scrap fabric mainly because rummaging through my pencil case for the right hook got a bit embarrassing, when you're sat in a coffee shop! I usually try and squirrel away in a corner so I can get on with a bit of hooky over a frothy cappuccino and the last thing I need is for the gentle hum of conversation to stop abruptly as everyone turns around to see where the tinker, tinker, tinkering sounds are coming from! Anyhow, as usual I get a thought and then immediately put it into action without thinking too much about the details. So my "old" hook rolly has served me well but "the colour"...a bit blah.

I'm always collecting bits of fabric and so I rummaged around in my fabric basket and found a cheerful looking scrap of cotton print fabric, and a bit of linen from an old cushion cover and in no time I'd sewn up another hook rolly. Sewing is not my strong point. Just too fiddly but sometimes it's unavoidable. I'm a little slap dash about measuring everything out, but even my " more-or-less" measuring calculations seemed to have worked out.

Then, instead of making a fiddly strap, like I did with the previous one, which closed with a fiddly button, I just crocheted a "sleeve" and added a flower too. The idea for the sleeve is for when I'm working, I can roll up the hook rolly but use the sleeve to hold the hook I'm using as well as the darning needle and scissors. I thought about this when I was doing a spot of hooky at a local coffee-cafe and their tables were really teeny, so spreading out a bit wasn't possible.

Also, it has two handy pockets inside, for the scissors, tape measure, nail file, and small tube of hand cream. As I often say, I do love beautiful things but I love functionality better! :-) And best is that I didn't buy a thing but rather used bits and pieces of what I already had. Buy less, make more is my motto this year ( well, every year! ).

Have a splendid Hump day and happy hooking!

Love, always.

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