Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bootifull Things.

I have a confession to share today. I am SO broody! It might have everything to do with both my grandsons reaching the ripe old age of 10! Officially the start of  " stop cuddling me in public ". To their credit they do still cop a cuddle, but only when no-one is watching. Babe is aloof, and will allow cuddles only when she settles down for her evening nap. So my mind has been on all things cuddly, and babies, and teeny things, And because I missed out on crocheting when my own children were tiny tots, I never learned to crochet * cute little things *. My bad, as the saying goes.

Sewing was my thing, but practical wear, like shorts, dungerees and skirts for myself. I saw a lovely, and for me, very moving video on youtube the other day which reminded me of exactly why I decided to eventually learn the fantastic art of crochet. Oh, here I go again, waffling on. To get to the point. I have been busily procrastinating from starting the border to my Married Harmony crocheting baby shoes and booties. I can't stop! But what a satisfying addiction!

Again, all credit goes to Laura Eccleston from Happy Berry Crochet for her excellent and detailed tutorial. She's a perfectionist, so I relate, and more than happy to slowly follow her instructions. Once I "mastered" her pattern I jollily made a few smaller booties, using a downsized version of my own... but also inspired by this super easy tutorial. Again, I'm hooked! Now, all I need is a baby! My middle-son suggested I crochet Cat Booties. It might just come to that. And Babe is always close by.

Wishing you a splendid day, and may your dreams be re-ignited. As they say it's never over, 'til it's over.

Love, always.

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