Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mini-Cupcake and Donut Pincushions.

In real life of course, there are practically no guilt-free tea treats. Unless you're Vegan, and then usually there is a sweetener involved, and oil. Well, anyway...I'm a huge fan of Happy Berry crochet tutorials, so here is one on how to make mini-donuts! This is also why it takes me forever to finish anything larger! Pinterest is the devil. I don't dare even go there, ever...well hardly ever. And Ravelry, or Craftsy are, of course, the evil minions of Pinterest ( we all know this but ignorance is our bliss ). So here I am again, with some little treats which came about because I have a secret little passion for Pin Cushions. I do quite a bit of sewing and now that I have time to keep things tidy I've got really very good about creating spaces for everything. There is something very satisfying in order, I mean actual order and not orderly chaos, which is along the lines of knowing exactly which pile of jumble something is, but still having to sort through everything to find what you're seeking. It's still incredibly frustrating and if you're marked for time, then, well...who has the time? I've often just given up on a project because of my so-called organised chaos. I do have a few Pin Cushions. One is the deliciously macabre porcelain hand which I inherited from my Irish Mom-in-Law!

And the other is one made of felt where the Pins don't really penetrate! Pretty but not useful.

I first crocheted the mini-cupcake and then because I acquired lots more lovely pins, I crocheted the mini-donut. Also, I almost always prefer "things" to be functional...and these have certainly earned their weight in yarn. :-)

Now, let me get back to joining granny squares! :-)

Much love always,

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