Tuesday, 13 October 2015


 πŸ’–Welcome to my tiny piece of Blogland!πŸ’–

I’m a 50-something vegetarian, married to adorable Mr. T, who is also a vegetarian, which makes meal times a lot easier. I have two daughters, three sons, and two grandsons We are a family of  artists, who all either play music, draw, dance, write, paint, sing, design, cook or craft.

This makes it easy to understand (and forgive) one another our highly erratic and eccentric ways.

 I'm the creator of Bella Vegan Cafe (and Catering ) a pop-up all-vegan eatery ( we have successfully popped-up x 3 ). In between pop-ups, I crochet my way back to health, strength, and sanity.
***That’s a lot of crocheting!***

The breathtakingly beautiful Cape of Storms ( aka Cape Town ) is my stomping ground. Speaking of "ground", Coffee is my second drug of choice, crochet being first. Also, I am absolutely smitten with the Cape's wintry skies and moody weather. As a passionate Pluviophile, this suits me perfectly.
Let. It. Rain!

I  began crocheting after a series of odd events in 2012. A HUGE regret in my life is that I was so resistant to learning this wonderful creative medium when I was younger! Mind you, I was a very busy homeschooling-soccer-mom-person. Anyhow, it looked terribly complicated and time-consuming. One day, I was having coffee with a friend. While we chatted she busily crocheted away. Now when my daughters were younger they both learned to crochet as a means of making their own beanies and so on. As it turned out, my eldest daughter had taught my friend to crochet! Spontaneously, I asked my friend to teach me!

Well, it was like a fish to water, icing to a cake, lemons to tequila! I was overwhelmed with amazement!! Here I was crocheting away, after literally a five-minute lesson. I crocheted a beanie as we sat over our coffees! And I have not stopped since!

Clearly, it was in my blood from the start. Thanks, Ouma! I could kick myself now for waiting so long! 😊

The World of Crochet has turned out to be everything I never expected. The level of creativity and originality is mind-blowing! If I lived another 200 years it wouldn't be enough time to crochet all the marvelous creations I see on the InterWebs. It's a continually evolving creative landscape and I cannot imagine my life without metres of delightful, coloured strands, passing through my hands each day. I am the epitome of the crazy crochet lady, except I've never felt saner than when I'm deeply involved in a gorgeous crochet project. Viva Crochet...and all that.

My biggest fan is my Cat, Augusta ( aka Babe ). She is my constant companion and has adopted all my crochet projects as her own. I just adore her to bits! 😻

 When I grow up I would like to be the sort of person who chooses ONE THING to pour their passions into. I am the Queen of Indecision but I do make an effort, it is a compulsion really, to do something creative EVERY DAY!

Thank you so much for popping in! 
                          May the Crochet Fairies always be playing in your neck of the woods.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Hello, Monday, you hopeful thing , you!

I've been having the most tremendous time crocheting nipple caps! Yes, you read right. Nipple Caps! My daughter is a stall holder at an annual lifestyle expo and this year the theme was *Carnival*. She decided masks and nipple caps would be a good addition to her stall and asked me if I'd be willing to crochet "a few".

Well, " a few" become 162 pairs and honestly I could have kept going! I became completely addicted! Almost every one was different from the next... and again, I could have crocheted perhaps 100 more pairs and still not run out of ideas! So, what sprang up from all this was ANOTHER BLOG! and a Facebook page. Because, you know, we needed *somewhere* to store all these naughty but nice artifacts. They really are little works of art, I thought, and my daughter has framed a candy striped pair! Her name being Candy and all, no surprise.

The hilarious thing is that neither of us would be caught dead wearing them! We'd be falling about laughing. Well, we wouldn't be laughing if we were dead but you get the drift. It's just not our style! However...we had those gorgeous Burlesque ladies in mind, as well as Bachelorette parties, and so on. Most people are A LOT naughtier than I am. I mean, I'm a Nana! :D xxx