Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cushion Cover. Tick!

I'm quite proud of my efforts here, especially as I have been very lazy over the festive season. I've hardly done a spot of cooking or housework. It's all been take-outs and eating out and my jeans tell me I've gained at least a kilo or two. Oh, well. That's all I can say. So actually getting down to a bit of crafty work has felt like a slog really. Which is odd, for me. Mind you, there has been quite a bit of fix-upping and sorting cupboards and drawers going on about the house. Anyhow, I set up my trusty little Janome sewing machine. You know, I've had it for absolute ages! I bought it second-hand after my super-duper-almost-made-coffee Elna was stolen. I always meant the Janome to be an in the meantime sewing machine but I have gotten used to it's simple no fuss functions. Ten years down the line and it still runs like da bomb (as the saying goes). I had some scraps of African print fabric, and of course my rather shabby Circles Of The Sun finished squares, which were a practice run for the 'real thing'. But they sort of grew on me and reminded me of the humble rustic handwork you find in Folk Art. To be honest I've always loved what I call 'honest art' and what other people call Naive Art. And so, that was my thinking. It certainly isn't a perfect piece but I thoroughly enjoyed making it, with love and passion! And that's what counts, for me ( and Babe ) at least. :-)

Sometimes too, I just feel like sewing, using either my machine,or needle and thread. I used both here. After the initial resistance I found myself back in my happy place, and all the minor irritations of the busy-ness around me, which comes with everyone being on holiday and in a festive,spending, harried, mood...just melted away. And then there were some reminders of those who have passed on. My mom-in-laws pincushion, for one! It's an antique, which she once stored in a display cabinet but I think "things" should be used. I find it beautiful, functional and delightfully macabre. :-)

Once the cover was all sewn together I had to hand sew it to the crochet work. And it was all very satisfying and "something to do" on Xmas day to make up for feeling a bit guilty about all the laying about I've been doing.

I've also been making New Years Resolutions lists. I'm determined to adhere to them too! Hee, hee. On the top of my list is the 365 Make Something Project.  Or whatever blows your hair back...crochet, decoupage, scrap-booking, knitting, blogging, patchwork, woodwork or painting, The thing is to do , whatever you do... everyday, for an entire year. No cheating. With this in mind my only wish for everyone is that they do get to do what makes them happy, for this New Year and all the New Years to come. As Woody Allen Says " Life is short and full of pain, so do whatever works for you!"

Love Always,

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