Thursday, 5 November 2015

Strawberry Fields Afghan

I tell you, this project took forever! Well, six months felt like forever. Mind you I was in no great hurry to complete it either. I just loved the yarn I was working with.

My usual pick, the Elle Pure Gold DK. I honestly love this yarn. Besides being super soft and plush, it also has a fragrance that reminds me of freshly bathed babies! I'm wondering if that's why Babe loves it too because often she'll jump up on to my work and immediately begin to purr...nevermind me trying to crochet around her.

But see...I'm waffling on as usual. I started this project after checking out Lucy's Hexagon over at Attic24. That woman has a lot to answer for when it comes to my hooky addiction. :-) I'm always very drawn to bright colours, and yet when it comes to deciding on a palette I tend to veer towards more muted colours. Yes, it's true I am nothing if not a mass ( or is that mess? ) of contradictions. Other than following Lucy's Hexagon pattern, the rest I just sort of made up as I went along. But if you're even a beginner with a little experience you can figure out how it all came together?

The one regret I have is that I did not join the hexies as I went along. Lesson learned! Anyhow, it did all eventually get finished and I packed it up to take to our off-grid hovel out in the country, the rather lovely wineyard region not too far outside of the city, where it found a home on a sturdy couch I picked up at a second-hand shop in the city! I thought it looked very comfortable there.

My younger daughter has made a formal claim on it. Of course, I'd like to enjoy the fruits of my labour for just a bit so I did assure her that I'd make sure to embroider her name in it somewhere...just in case. I called this afghan *Strawberry Fields * because it reminded me of Strawberries and Cream! Yum.

I wish you many peaceful and happy crochet hours. You do know you deserve it?

Love, always.
Jen xxxxxxx

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