Thursday, 5 November 2015

Soft Earth Afghan.

The other day someone asked me about my Blog, you know...why do you blog? what is the point? who cares about what you have to say?... and so on. I didn't have to think very long or hard about why I have a Blog. It's for me. For my own personal pleasure of writing, and crochet! The Blog is my cyber diary of all the little, simple, challenging and mostly enjoyable crochet adventures I love to embark upon. It's a reminder , to myself, when I look over the actual body of projects I have started, and completed, of how far I've come in my personal journey and particular hurdles I've somehow managed to leap, and not land entirely awkwardly, or on my face!

There was a time when I literally had NO TIME to crochet, draw, write or paint because I was deeply mired in duty and self doubt, brought on mostly by being raised in an environment where "Art" for art's sake was never a serious consideration. If you did insist on "doing your Art" then woe betide, you'd be damned to a life of living in a leaky attic, eating dry bread, while only Mice and Owls ever got to see your work!

Also, it's taken forever to finally let go of the guilt of creating without feeling I must also create a business, a successful business mind you, out of it. But anyhow, I digress. I decided to do this Afghan in the round as they say....just going around and around, and around until I'd reached the desired size.

Also, I'd be using a really easy stitch, a dbl crochet ( US term ) repeatedly, in clusters of three...the classic granny stitch.  I had no pattern so it was a work based on intuition...I do sometimes think of myself as an intuitive crocheter, and even when I do follow a pattern I'm inclined to change it simply because I "feel" it should be different to the pattern, here and there, :-) I also wanted something softer and easy on the eye, my eyes actually. I'd just completed my Mexican Wave cushion cover...and boy, was that BRIGHT! I used the Elle Gold DK which I just love!! It's a soft acrylic, and there are stacks of colours to choose from. I've been told that it's similar to the Stylecraft DK. Of course, Babe had to check it constantly and I had quite a battle getting her off the yarn as I was crocheting! She's such a little darling and I've come to see her as my crochet muse. Once I'd finished, and Babe had given it a paws up, I draped it over an old chair...and was really quite pleased that it fit perfectly!

I hope, wherever you are, that you make time to do the things that make you happy. The dishes can wait!

Have a lovely day!
Much love,
Jen xxxxxxx

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