Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Russian Rose Granny Square

Isn't it just damn annoying when you're happily immersed in whatever project you're busy with, and along comes an irresistible Rose, neatly tucked up in a gorgeous little Granny Square? I know, right? Worse still, you haven't quite got all that crochet pattern reading bit down to perfection BUT now you're just totally compelled to crochet said Rose? It was exactly like this for me. Oh my, something about this sweet, simple Rose.

And then I couldn't stop at one. So I made two. Much to my surprise I also slightly tweaked the pattern too, to suit myself, as we do. Which just goes to show that with a little motivation and effort almost anything is possible. I found the Rose, called the Baboeska Rose, quite by accident. Yay, for happy accidents. Again I learned a few new things, and afterall, that's my objective. It really is a very quick project, so a perfect detour. Just don't get hooked! Unless of course, you want to! :-)

Wishing you a lovely week, with enough time to crochet something lovely, everyday!
Lotsa love,
Jen xxxxxxx

Ps: I've highlighted the Link to the tutorial, in Red.

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