Sunday, 1 November 2015

Adventures with Overlay Crochet

So , for ever so long I have been wanting to crochet something a little more robust. I say this all the time, but seriously, 200 years would not be enough time to crochet all the lovely things floating about. Like a butterfly I flit from one creative inspiration to the other which completely interferes with my determination to finish one project before embarking on another! But really, who can resist the beautiful circles designed by master crocheter Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn's Crochet World. ??Impulsively, in the middle of my present project, I dropped everything and decided to do just ONE circle.

I wasn't picky about the colour palette. I just jumped right in...and then, of course, I couldn't stop! So over the course of a week I crocheted ALL nine squares. I made A LOT of mistakes but was too impatient to rip them out and start again so I sort of adjusted the pattern where I'd made the "mistakes". Anyhow...I finished the nine squares, in their random rather icky colours and learned so much along the way about overlay crochet. Which was the initial objective, increasing my crochet repertoire.

Of course, Babe (aka Augusta ) had been diligently overseeing my progress and quickly claimed the finished square as her own personal little blanket...after much testing for nap-ability. 

I will definitely be revisiting this pattern again, following the pattern and tutorials to the letter, and taking a bit more time to choose a lovely palette. I imagine various shades of Blue, with Ivory and Rose? I am so humbled by the brilliant, and generous crochet designers who share their beautiful designs so freely. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You are all amazing!

Have a wonderful week and remember, Happiness Is An Inside Job!

Much love,
Jen xox


  1. I think your colors are pretty. I did this one too. I made mine as a flower garden and gave to my sister as a wall hanging and she uses it as a cover for an ottoman. Green was my background color and scrap from my stash was the other colors.

  2. I really enjoyed Tatsianas CAL! It was my very first attempt at overlay and I made so many mistakes. :D