Monday, 5 October 2015

Hello, Monday, you hopeful thing , you!

I've been having the most tremendous time crocheting nipple caps! Yes, you read right. Nipple Caps! My daughter is a stall holder at an annual lifestyle expo and this year the theme was *Carnival*. She decided masks and nipple caps would be a good addition to her stall and asked me if I'd be willing to crochet "a few".

Well, " a few" become 162 pairs and honestly I could have kept going! I became completely addicted! Almost every one was different from the next... and again, I could have crocheted perhaps 100 more pairs and still not run out of ideas! So, what sprang up from all this was ANOTHER BLOG! and a Facebook page. Because, you know, we needed *somewhere* to store all these naughty but nice artifacts. They really are little works of art, I thought, and my daughter has framed a candy striped pair! Her name being Candy and all, no surprise.

The hilarious thing is that neither of us would be caught dead wearing them! We'd be falling about laughing. Well, we wouldn't be laughing if we were dead but you get the drift. It's just not our style! However...we had those gorgeous Burlesque ladies in mind, as well as Bachelorette parties, and so on. Most people are A LOT naughtier than I am. I mean, I'm a Nana! :D xxx

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  1. My daughter made hoodies for a man's family jewels if you know what I mean. Very pretty caps, might try some for the next free the tatas in our neck of the woods might sell good. lol!