Sunday, 14 June 2015

Little Birdies.

These little birdies were so easy to make that I actually could not stop!! They just kept flying off the hook. I used the inner fluff of an old cushion and because you don't need much, I still have stacks left over for stuffing other little goodies. Also, it was fun and satisfying to play around with colour combinations.

 That's my thing, really, colour, colour, colour! I'm inclined to seek out patterns that are relatively simple so that I can play with combining different colours, contrasting colour, complimenting colours...well you get it! I'm mad about colour! :-) The original pattern is of course from Attic24. I'm a big fan of Lucy's tutorials. She loves colour too, and her patterns are easy enough for beginners to follow. I've shared her pattern. You'll find it to your left under Tutorials I Heart.

These little birdies made sweet Xmas tree hangings and gifts over the festive season ( which seems like only yesterday ). But the hedges in our little cul-de sac are in full winter bloom, honeysuckle, hawthorn, plumbago... and this means the loveliest of birds are flitting about among them, mostly jewel-coloured Sunbirds. Their flashy colours are so appealing. You can see where I'm going with this? :-)

I had an idea to crochet Birds endemic to the Cape of Storms but seeing as I have a WIP, as well as at least five other must-do projects waiting to come into being, I guess this will have to just patiently wait it's turn. My fingers are itching though. :-) Hope wherever you are in the world that you're finding the time to make something beautiful, no matter how small. xxxxxxx

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