Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Have crochet, will make things!

I bought a few balls of bamboo cotton yarn just ages ago...when the children and I were "still together". In the afternoons, that space of an hour or so between lunch, extra-mural activities, homework and prepping for dinner, I could be found sat in front of the Telly ( something I no longer watch ), tuned into Oprah ( someone I no longer watch ), knitting cellphone cosies for my kids and their friends. The bamboo yarn is perfect with this. Since those days the yarns have been stored away (along with the knitting needles). Really, these yarns are just too expensive to use on larger items. I treat them like the precious treasure they are. I found the loveliest container at a thrifty market a few months ago, and my small stash of bamboo yarn fits perfectly. Do you know, I have never seen a container like this before? They're probably made in China and everyone has one. But not me. I was very taken with it. :-)

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this so I'll get to the point. I've been crocheting wash cloths. Not kitchen scrubs. Oh no...not with this lovely stuff. I wonder if other women find this a thing... but facecloths, those terry ones, are just too big, and heavy? Ok, so I'm kind of on the little side, and to boot, have tiny handsies...I need tiny things!! :-) That's probably why crochet works for little hook. Knitting needles are so cumbersome! I'm being silly of course! Also, bamboo yarn is lovely, so soft and yet strong too. The colours really hold true. I made a few washcloths some years ago, and the colours haven't faded at all!

 Anyhow, when I first learned to crochet I used to meet up with a friend at a local anarchist coffee shop. That's where I first learned that crochet is in fact a post-apocalyptic life skill! Who knew? And when I thought about it a bit more, it made absolute sense...afterall, back in the day, right up to the present, women around the world have had to learn sewing, darning, knitting, crochet and quilting as skill sets, to provide blankets, clothing and oftentimes hard cash, for their families. Gifts too!

I think most people love handmade gifts and these make the sweetest little prezzies teamed up with a handmade soap, or an essential oil or two. Also, you don't need to be a crochet wiz either! Look at me again...getting completely sidetracked!

 So I crocheted me some lovely little wash cloths, using my precious bamboo cotton yarn. The end!
 Ps: it's a simple Granny Square, with some double crochet here and there. No hard and fast rules. :-)
 I just love them. xxxxxx

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