Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Happy Winter Things.

The problem with not Blogging every few days, or at least once a week is that everything sort of piles up...much like my kitchen drawers, leaving me in a semi-paralysed state of " ok, now where do I start!". The weather was monumentally wet last week. It rained buckets for three days, non-stop! Mind you no one was complaining. We sincerely needed a good soak.

The Cape of Storms comes alive, more than usual, in the Winter months. So while leaves turn and drop from some trees, others burst into leaf! Shrubs and creepers send forth cascades of blooms.The grass grows back, the air is filled with birdsong while butterflies waft between the blossoms. And finally, the relentless Summer winds clear off to annoy someone else, somewhere else. :-) The rains arrived much later than usual. The mountains and open fields looked frighteningly parched and frazzled! "The Rains" officially herald in Winter. Before then it's "just a bit chilly". :D

Temperatures have plummeted and there is snow on the peaks. Yum! I am perfectly at home in the colder seasons. So you'll not hear a shred of complaining from me.

Sadly, my usual crochet go-to cafe has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment so lately I've been crocheting all on my lonesome. Mostly in the evenings, at home, while watching a movie. For some reason this makes me sad!! I can't explain it but I like to sit in a cafe with a lovely cup of coffee nearby and listen to the chatter and bustle all around me. As long as nobody bothers me ( I'm counting stitches, dammit! ) then I'm as happy as a piggy in a warm mud bath. I think it's something to do with being an INFJ type personality. The Introvert who behaves like an Extrovert? You might find it interesting to test yourself here? :-) I do get carried away! But look, this is what I actually wanted to share!

These gorgeous Poinsettia blooms. Aren't they just lovely! They're also known as Christmas Flowers but of course we're in the southern hemisphere so here they bloom in mid-winter. They look absolutely magnificent on a misty, rainy day, reminding me for some reason, of small colourful umbrellas!

I know it's obvious to say every season brings with it it's own special gifts but for me Winter just fills my gift basket to brimming! We've had lovely walks on the beaches around here, all wrapped up, Dogs in tow, tummies full of hot coffee and delicious breakfast. There are several vegetarian restaurants around our neck of the woods, and most of the others also offer tasty nutritious veggie options but we almost always end up at Stoked Backpackers .

It's usually dead quiet on a Sunday morning. They have a small but fresh and delicious all vegetarian Menu and really... the BEST coffee in town! Add to this super friendly staff who also play the best music...from 80's medleys to Dolly Parton!Believe me , when it's icy outside, warm and cosy inside, this is happy, foot-tapping, good mood music! Everyone's eventually singing or at least humming along. :-)

Of course, in between all this walking, breakfast eating, coffee drinking and admiring the freely abundant natural beauty... there has been major headway made on the latest Work In Progress. My Strawberries and Cream with Chocolate Sauce Granny Hexagon Blanket.

 I should have my blankie done just before Summer kicks in. But hopefully not! Hope wherever you are you're making the most of living on this amazing planet. Happy week to you all. xxx

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