Friday, 22 May 2015

The Great Family Heirloom. Not!

Honestly, Granny Square crochet stitch is just the easiest stitch to learn!  Heathers lovely tutorial here  And if you have an addictive personality believe me, you'll very quickly find yourself well and truly hooked!

Like me! I'm not a smoker or drinker ( although my coffee habit is legendary!) but yarn is my drug of choice. I will wander into a yarn shop ( sadly too few around here ) and become almost paralysed by the choice of colours. I want them ALL, of course, and if I ever won a lottery ( I should really enter ) the first thing I'd do, after giving most of it away to animal sanctuaries, orphanages, my children, grandchildren, the homeless guy who sleeps under the bridge, and buying a snazzy bass guitar for my open a Yarn Shop and Haberdashery. I would combine this with an all vegan coffee shop, bakery and bookshop with a section for lovely vintage clothing, art supplies and all manner of stationery! Hahahaha...oh look, my mind is wondering again. It happens when you have an empty nest! :D Anyhow...this was my very first start to finish cushion project.

Mostly I could be found sat outside in a sun patch, with our cat Augusta tucked somewhere between my legs and a basket of yarn.

If I recall correctly, I'd intended to crochet 350 little Granny Squares and then stitch them all together into a blanket that would become a much treasured, well-beloved and spoken about Family Heirloom. Instead, I made a cushion which fits perfectly on the seat of our telephone table thingy.

I chose colours randomly and the end result evidenced the successful channelling of my inner " little house on the prairie" look. Who knew! Lesson learned, don't always follow your instincts. :D xxx

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  1. You made my day I am feeling blah and you gave me a chuckle here. Thank you.