Tuesday, 19 May 2015


For anyone who can't bear the idea of waking up earlier than the Sun, then please just give this post a miss! I understand. :-)  Three of my children were born late-risers and I often lamented what they were missing. Of course, they thought I was bonkers and there would be a lot of  rolling eyes while I got carried away describing the particular pinks and apricots of a Sunrise sky!

I'm guessing not too many people relate to the absolute bliss of an early morning rise? It seems almost as if the hustle, bustle and burdens of the previous day have been swept away. There is promise in the air, a new day, a fresh start. It feels magical. In those early hours before the Sun has fully risen, there is a stillness, an absence of man-made noises. Just the energetic tweets and twitters of "the early bird (s)", the comforting sound of the kettle about to boil, the clink of a spoon against a steaming mug of coffee. Then open the doors to let our dogs out, and a slow walk about the garden to see what bloomed overnight ( or survived a storm ). Usually I'll log into my computer and take a quick gander to see who's online on social media, or sometimes I'll take a quick peek into crochet Blogland. I don't spend too much time there because I have a habit of getting side-tracked and end up reading the latest news headlines and stories, which is guaranteed to ruin the moment. This morning, after the lovely soaking rains overnight ( very much needed and fairly late for the Cape of Storms ) I opened our back door to a splendid (I use that word deliberately) sky, which appeared truly renaissance!

I wouldn't have been at all surprised to see a host of winged creatures flitting about in the celestial glow! It was awesome...and I experienced no small measure of bliss. We live on a beautiful planet. That's all. :-) xxxxxxxx


  1. I love that sky color. Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jen! I only ever see the sunrise in the winter in England - I can't get up that early the rest of the year!! I do love to see the sunsets though and can't imagine living anywhere that didn't face west...
    Best wishes,