Saturday, 9 May 2015

Splashes of Bliss perhaps a silly and obvious title for this, my very first post on my very new blog. Nevertheless, it's better to dive in than not even bother twiddling ones toes in the waters of Blogland. :-) I was wondering ( meandering thoughts ) about where one starts and stops a blog, and feedback on this puzzle would be most welcome. But onto the pretty things this week...when the Golden Shower vine burst into bloom, literally overnight.

Well, there were one or two pre-blossoms which didn't get me all blissfully worked up seeing as our tiny garden looks South, straight into every gale, every bluster, every gust swishing up from the south pole! I have a beautiful shrub that remains shredded from the last Black South-Easter! So my expectations were low.

Anyhow back to my bliss ( see, it's not easy to find ), and the glorious rain of Golden Showers! I've added a link here with more info.More about Golden Shower creeper here... I have a totally rubbish camera and tried, in vain I think, to snap the Bees, the hundreds of Bees gorging themselves on pollen and nectar contained in these luscious trumpetty blooms. I forgot that Bees have a sting-attraction to Black, and of course my hair is dark! But this was all forgotten as I nosed right into the vine, amongst the buzzing horde, who thankfully took me for the clot I was and just ignored me. :-) Oh gosh, I was in 7th heaven, blissfully taking in the deep, rich, vibrant orange of the flowers, the dark, olivey- green leaves and elegant, delicate, yet tenacious, snaky tendrils... all set against a gloomy grey-blue background skyscape.

 This vine, which was planted many moons ago by my late mom-in-law, as been given a new lease on life since I took to watering it, everyday, come rain or shine. There's been nothing extra added, no special plant foods, mulching or composting and I'm awed (and not a little humbled) by it's generous, appreciative display. As I poked my head among the blooms I whispered, thank, thank, thank you. Absolute bliss! xxxxxxxxxx.                                    


  1. Beautiful Golden Shower Creeper.

    1. Yes, it was an amazing display! The Bees went wild! :-)