Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pretty Purpely Things.

It's odd, don't you think, how some days we notice certain things, more than others. We often don't notice exactly the same things everyday. Like colours. One day it will be all Greens for me. Green will be OUTSTANDING. I will want to wear Green, paint walls Green and crochet Green things. Every shade, every subtle tone of Green will jump out at me. I'll ooo and aaaaah over blades of grass and the variations of Green therein, and every other colour will seem totally blah in comparison. Well, today it was all about the Purples.

Everywhere they popped out at me, shouting their Purples at me. Mind you, I'm not the only one who finds this colour in Nature so attractive. Bees and Butterflies, and I, vied for space...them to collect nectar and pollen, and me to snap a few shots! No easy project. Luckily I'm not allergic to Bees! Once someone told me that Bees and Butterflies adore Pink, Blue and Purple in the garden. Flies, apparently, are attracted to Reds, Yellows and Orange colours. That might be true?

Anyhow... mostly my crochet projects are inspired by nature's palette. It's almost impossible to go wrong if you follow natural combinations. I have a massive Folder filled with "colour inspiration", from Cloudscapes, to Landscapes, to Flower Fields, Tea Sets, Textiles, Stones, Shells, Glass and much more. :-)  Everything shouts out at me to be translated into something Crocheted!

I suppose Painters, Poets and Musicians feel this way too? :-) Considering I don't own a single item of clothing in Purple, and it's not my favourite colour, I found it odd that today this particular colour would appeal to me , so much!

Perhaps I should look up what Purple represents...the colours might be trying to tell me something? If I find out what it is, I'll let you know. :D

I hope today a colour sends a special message to you too. :-)  xxxxx

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