Monday, 25 May 2015

Of Herons, Crochet, and Stuff.

It's taken me a really long time to unwind from 40 plus extremely busy years. That sounds like an odd statement but Empty Nesters will relate. And I don't think we ever do completely relax. Our bodies have been trained and fine-tuned by years of raising children, into something almost super-natural. For instance, we have eyes in the back of our heads, we also hear EVERYTHING...every little creak on the floor boards after a child sneaks in late, rustles in the grass that alert us to possible burglars, a Cat at the window mewing to be let in ( then out, then in, then out, then in again ). Not to mention all the things we intuit. Besides the obvious, we have feelers that stretch all the way across the world where a beloved child backpacks in foreign lands. Mostly for Mr T and I, relaxing times are rare weekends away when we manage to escape to our tiny cabin "in the country" ( it's only an hours drive from the City ). We make every effort to relax and enjoy the abundance of natural beauty. Oh, the sky at night, away from all the city lights, is magical!!  It really is! We're lucky enough to have a lovely neighbour who loves animals as much as we do. His large Bird Feeder attracts some interesting feathered friends. Like this Heron, which I happened to espy while crocheting away on our tiny porch! He was completely out of place amongst the Alpacas, one sheep and three Ducks! Luckily my trusty little point and click was handy but I had to be quick about it because he looked restless and as it turned out, didn't stay long. Have you noticed that most Animals are extremely camera shy. :-)

In the full-nest days I was busily in the flow of daily life, hands on, yet simultaneously distracted... expertly compartmentalising chores, housekeeping, work, children, daily menus, shopping, extra-murals, husband and extended family. The world at large could fall apart for all the attention I didn't pay it, at the time.When all my  little birds had flown the nest I found myself with many skills that now seem redundant. Until I looked at them with new eyes.

Excavating became the order of the day! But only after spending at least 5 years wandering about in the empty- nest wilderness. Finding my feet in unfamiliar terrain was daunting, sometimes downright frightening! I've spent an inordinate amount of time thinking. Sometimes just sitting with a pot of tea or a mug of coffee and allowing all these strange feelings to come and go as they pleased. Many times I felt completely overwhelmed by such a sense of irrevocable loss...of a time that will never be repeated because Nature has decreed it so, that I could easily have filled up another mug, with tears! When I was younger I was convinced Crochet was for little old ladies who had too much time on their hands. :D

Now I see things differently and can appreciate how so many women set aside their creative talents for new skills sets, ones that will be of benefit to their families, mostly. It's really only when our fledglings have flown that we can find some time, refocus, then invite in, encourage and allow our creative juices free reign again.

Crochet has been my most satisfying go-to so far. I just love the smell and feel of good yarn ( almost as much as the fragrance of a delicious Coffee ). I always use either Bamboo Cotton or the Elle Pure Gold DK acrylic yarn ( which is just fabulously soft and comes in dozens of spectacularly gorgeous colours! It's relatively inexpensive too. ). I'm truly blessed to live within five minutes walking distance of my local Yarn Shop. I only recently learned to Crochet and believe me when I say that I could kick myself for not learning so many years ago! I've got lots of catching up to do...and loving every minute of it! Now...where is my hook? :-) xxx

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