Saturday, 23 May 2015

Harvesting Urban Veggies.

I kid you not. Good old-fashioned Dirt,  is my favourite nail-polish. I do have gloves. Somewhere. And I mean to wear them ( frantically files away at craggy nail ends! ). But look at those Jalapenos!! Too pretty to eat!

I imagine applying lashings of hand lotion, encasing hands in good quality, feminine looking (yet protective) gardening gloves and then skipping off into the back garden and with gay ( yet effective ) prods and pokes digging out weeds and stubborn grass while simultaneously shooing away flies and gently picking off Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars. Cabbage Butterflies are worth all the nibbled Kale leaves though. They're a scourge to many Farmers, who apply horrible pesticides in an attempt to kill off the eggs...but these lovely Fairies are most welcome in my garden.
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I'm chuffed that my rescued crates from the recycling depot have come in so handy, they really are a perfect solution to Urban Veg Gardening. The seeds are ordered here: Heirloom Seeds. They arrive by Courier and judging my yips of pleasure I'm sure he thinks he's delivering something precious! Which he is. :-)

Not that I've planted potatoes in them yet but they are deep enough for root vegetables. So far I've stuck to 'green things'...Kale, Spinach, Basil, Salad leaves and Peas! I absolutely love that I can just walk out into the back yard and pick a decent sized amount of fresh green things. They say planting your own veggies is like printing your own money and it's true!

Besides, home-grown veggies also seem to last a whole lot longer than store bought ones, which are usually refrigerated for days/weeks before they are displayed to the public as 'fresh'! And they're pesticide free too. Can't go wrong there and worth a try. I've seen amazingly successful veggie container gardens. So I know it's possible to grow (some) food. almost anywhere. Here's a very informative useful Link I follow. They have everything you'll need to know about setting up your own little fresh food store. Good luck! :-) xxx

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