Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Beanie Bliss...

So this time last year I decided I'd crochet a beanie. It wasn't the first one I'd crocheted because the very first 'thing' I ever learned to crochet...was a beanie!Way back in 2012 ( followed by two little sling bags ). Hahaha...I just kept going around, and around and around, and it sort of became a beanie without me even trying. Because it was started and finished in May of 2012,  I added an embroidered Poppy.

Tadaaa...my first ever beanie. I can tell you I was as thrilled as anything. I'd been wanting to learn to crochet for absolutely ages, and finally I did...and I'm kicking myself for not trying so many years ago. It always looked terribly complicated. Anyhow, fast forward two years, to this time last year, and I was bristling with inspiration. Honestly, the Cape of Storms is breathtakingly beautiful in the Autumn and Winter...the sky, those colours, the ocean. I could wax lyrical forever!

Of course crochet is my go to...it used to be acrylic paint and board, or watercolours and paper ( and sometimes is still )...but somehow crochet just does it for me. The colours make my heart leap about and my stomach do flip-flops of delight. I can't explain it. And weaving those coloured strands into a three dimensional 'something' ...is like Magic at my fingertips. Not to mention the happy chemicals surging through my entire being! Natural highs! xxxxxx See, I said I get carried away! I started off crocheting what I call my 'ugly' beanie...a functional, loosely crocheted, one -colour -ear -warmer- hair-tamer.Which is now 'lost' ( tee, hee ) then moved on to another uni-colour, Aran, followed in rapid succession ( because by now I was riding that blissful crochet wave) by a slew of nature inspired creations...nothing could stop me...ocean, sky and sand, pebbles and flowers...the colours!!

 Of course they disappeared as fast as I showed them off ( daughters, grandsons, friends baby, son ). I have a crochetpatternreading block, so they literally flew straight from my minds eye and onto the hook. I just love them and luckily kept a photographic record or I'd never remember what I'd done. These river pebbles hit my crochet spot. Usually these neutral, pastel colours are my favourites anyway. :-)

This image of the rusty vintage automobile, with all those lovely colours and pale blues had all my cells skipping about with joy! I absolutely had to translate these colours into something tangible, and a blanket would just take tooooo long. So another Beanie flew off the hook! My grandson quickly claimed this one. He's nine...so not too old to think it's "not a cool colour". :-)

We hardly ever see Cosmos flowers down at the Cape of Storms, but growing up in the highlands these pretty blooms with their happy faces, put on a spectacular autumn display along the side of roads, and open fields. Of course a Beanie had to be made... :-)

And I think we can agree this one should be called 'Sky, Sea and Sand" ? :-) I just LOVE those colours!!

I would think it's almost impossible to run out of inspiration when it's all around us, all the time...if only we can step off our busy treadmill and take time to notice the incredible beauty of this planet we call Home. I hope you  stop to smell, and crochet, the Roses? Have a wonderfully colour-filled week! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I love the cosmos beanie! Is the pattern available on your blog? I can't find it. Thanks - you are so creative and inspiring. Riekie Fourie. riekief@gmail.com